The Athlete Support Development Programme is a pilot initiative designed by the New Zealand Olympic Committee to help identify and appoint retired athletes as new members of our Olympic and Commonwealth Games Athlete Support Team. We’d like to give retired athletes an opportunity to contribute and add value to athlete performance as well as learn valuable skills for their ongoing career development.

Through a series of workshops, we’d like to work with retired athletes to identify and develop skills that will contribute to:

-      Creating and supporting a positive and inspirational team environment

-      Design and implementation of village theme and design

-      Design and implementation of athlete spaces

-      Being part of the welcome process

-      Help athletes feel relaxed, secure and part of the team

-      Managing and distributing athlete and sport information and resources

-      Set up and management of front desk/reception

-      Prepare and deliver athlete orientation information

-      Liaise with athletes, New Zealand Olympic Committee staff and coaches/managers as required

-      Assist with sourcing information or resources required by athletes on an ad hoc basis

2011 Participants selected are:

Adine Wilson (Netball)

Jaimee Claxton (Hockey)

Alison Fitch (Swimming)

Katie Calder (Cross Country Skiing - who flew from Zurich to be on the course)

Evelyn Williamson (Triathlon)

Suzie Muirhead (Hockey)

Nathan Twaddle (Rowing)

Moss Burmester (Swimming)

Paora Winitana (Basketball)

David Schaper (Rowing)

Bevan Hari (Hockey)

In November 2013 another 11 participants were selected:

Anna Galvan (Netball)

Cath Cheatley (Bike)

Dean Kent (Swimming)

Kristy Hill (Football)

Mike McMillen (Ice Speed Skating)

Patrick Peng (Gymnastics)

Georgina Toomey (Swimming)

Matt Randall (Bike)

Niniwa Roberts (Hockey)

Lisa Daniels (Synchronised Swimming)

Nathan Cohen (Rowing)