Weightlifter finishes down the field

New Zealand weightlifter Richie Patterson was disappointed with part of his performance in the 85kg Olympic competition today. Patterson, competing in the B division, lifted a total of 336kg 150kg in the snatch and 186kg in the clean and jerk. His total placed him seventh among the divisions lower-ranked lifters, with the top 15 to lift later in the A division. Patterson, 29, missed his first snatch at 150kg, got it second time around and then missed at 154kg, In the clean and jerk, in which he was looking to get close to 200kg, he succeeded with 183kg, then 186kg, and then missed 195kg. Patterson won a silver medal in the same weight division at the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games with a total of 331kg. To qualify for the Olympics, Patterson had to rely on New Zealand team-mate Tavita Ngalu to lift 150kg at the Oceania championships. In a selfless act, Ngalu did so while injured with ripped quadriceps, which enabled New Zealand's highest-ranked weightlifter to qualify for London.
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