The New Zealand Squash Team for Glasgow 2014 was named last week and Kylie Lindsay, Lance Beddoes and Megan Craig talk to us about what it means to be selected to represent New Zealand.

1.   How does wearing the Silver Fern give you strength?

KYLIE: Wearing the silver fern gives you an extra lift when you're playing. You're not just playing for yourself but the entire country. Knowing that and having that support behind you definately gives you strength out on the court.

LANCE: The silver fern gives me strength by reminding me who im representing and why I play. Whenever I have put on a New Zealand top in the past it has always given me an extra push through the big matches and made me remember im playing for more than just myself.

MEGAN: Gives you strength knowing your out there representing your country and everyone in it. Wearing the silver fern isn't something you get to do everyday and you work really hard for it so is An amazing opportunity and awesome feeling to make you put in everything you've got while performing.

2.   What does representing New Zealand mean for you?

KYLIE: It is the ultimate honour and a incredible privilege to play for NZ. It is the achievement I am most proud of in my squash career.

LANCE: Representing my country is huge for me and always been a dream since I was young. To be representing New Zealand at the biggest games there are for Squash is huge, and makes all the hardwork worth it. 

MEGAN: Representing New Zealand is one of the best things in my career. It's makes you feel extremely proud to be out there representing your country and knowing all the work you've put into get there.

3.   What are 3 attributes that every Squash Player needs?

KYLIE: Mental toughness, Dedication & Confidence

LANCE: Patience, Hardwork, and the Desire to win

MEGAN: You need drive, determination a lot of hard work and sacrifice :) 

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