New Zealand Team to the Fore in Refined Logo Design

The New Zealand Olympic Committee has refined its logo to strengthen international recognition and connect New Zealand athletes to each other and the New Zealand Team.

Following consultation with more than 100 New Zealand athletes, the silver fern itself remains unchanged, however now stands alone above the Olympic Rings, responding to updated guidelines from the IOC. The words “NZ Team” have been added.

New Zealand Olympic Committee CEO Kereyn Smith said the process to refine the logo created an opportunity to speak to athletes and understand what the silver fern means to them.

“We were interested to know if it was time to update, change or develop a new fern for the New Zealand Team. The overwhelming response from athletes was “no”, the silver fern, its design and its history were important,” she said.

“It was clear how much the athletes valued the silver fern in the Olympic and Commonwealth context. The fern connects the 3500 athletes that today make up the New Zealand Team, representing our nation at Olympic, Commonwealth and Youth Games since 1908.

“The New Zealand Team and the silver fern are inextricably linked,”

“We also took the opportunity to strengthen our international impact by including a direct reference to New Zealand.”

The New Zealand Olympic Committee tonight marks 599 days to the Tokyo Olympic Games where the New Zealand Team will once more earn the fern. 

As we mark 599 days to Tokyo 2020, we reflect the history of the silver fern and the New Zealand Team.

Read the full story of the New Zealand Team silver fern. 

“Today our forests are filled with ponga. They cloak us, protect us and heal. They inspire growth and reflect the essence of Aotearoa. The koru, or fern frond symbolises new beginning and life, growth, strength and peace. It is a symbol of our land, and the New Zealand Team.”

From “The Story of the Fern, The Symbol of the New Zealand Team”

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