KIWIS IN GLASGOW 2014: Hannah Peters

Friday 4 July 2014

Name: Hannah Peters


Role for Glasgow 2014: Photographer with Getty Images (header image taken by Hannah Peters)

Kiwi Hometown: Auckland

What does your role in Glasgow entail?

I will be part of a team of Getty photographers who will be working hard through a busy schedule to cover all the big moments in all sports at all venues. 


What has been your journey leading up to Glasgow?

I've been a sports photographer since 2001. Glasgow will be my second Commonwealth Games, with the first being Melbourne 2006. I have also covered the London Olympic Games, both summer and winter Paralympic Games since 2004, World Rowing Championships, and the Asian Games.


How do you make sure you get that right moment when taking photos?

A lot of it comes down to timing and preparation. At big events like the Commonwealth Games you are often restricted in access of where we are allowed to photograph. In order to get the best angle it often comes down to checking out the venue and positions, well in advance before competition starts. Having good knowledge of the sport you are shooting also helps.


What are you most looking forward to about the games?

I'm looking forward to shooting the world's top athletes compete in a wide variety of sports. It will also be great to have the opportunity to watch sports such as squash, which aren't at the Olympics.


What is the best thing about being a Kiwi in a foreign land?

People generally love Kiwis, which helps. I think Scotland and New Zealand have similar connections, which should make it a great experience being a Kiwi in Scotland.


What will you miss most from home?

A perfect flat white and my family. (not necessarily in that order)


What do you love most about Scotland?I have only been to Edinburgh before in 2012 with the All Blacks. The architecture was unique and the people were awesome. I'm looking forward to heading over in summer this time.

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