Kiwis in Glasgow 2014: Courtney MacDonald

Name: Courtney MacDonald

Role for Glasgow 2014: Training Venue Operations Coordinator

Kiwi Hometown: Auckland

Age: 25

What does your role in Glasgow entail?

The Training Venues team works with all 11 training venues across all of the sports. We help with all the logistics around the training venues, for example the bump in and out, transport of athletes and training volunteers. We also provide general support for the training venues during the games operational period.

What has been your journey leading up to Glasgow?

After leaving my job at Netball New Zealand at the end of 2013, my original plan was to live and work in London as I have lots of friends living there. I arrived in London in February with no job but got offered a role with Netball Scotland not long after I arrived, so I moved up to Glasgow for the job. I was looking to volunteer at the games but applied for a job with Glasgow 2014 and got offered it. So here I am!

What are you most looking forward to about the games?

When I am not at the Training Venues during the games, I will be based at the Athletes Village. Its looking amazing and I cant wait to see the place buzzing once everyone arrives! Overall I am just pretty stoaked to be involved in such an awesome event!

How long have you been in Glasgow?

Just over 4 months.

What is the best thing about being a Kiwi in a foreign land?

The chance to brag about the amazing country we come from! I am pretty sure I should be given some commission from Tourism New Zealand for the amount of promotion I have done!!

What do you miss most from home?

Being able to see the ocean almost every day!

Driving my car

Pita Pit

Good Sushi

Family and friends (obviously!!)

Who is your favourite Kiwi athlete?

Patti Grogan (Judo). We went to uni together, so looking forward to seeing her!! and of course all of the Silver Ferns!!


What do you love most about Scotland? 

The people are amazing! They are so friendly and always more than happy to help when you have absolutely no idea where you are!!

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