It wasn’t Tracey Lambrechs best day at the weightlifting, but it was exciting all the same.

Competing in the B section of the 75kg contest, the Aucklander had two misses in her snatch and managed just 98kg. In the clean and jerk Lambrechs, 30, missed at 133kg, then got it and decided to have a crack at 139kg, which would have been a national record. She was unable to make the lift, so finished with a total of 231kg.

Lambrechs would have been hoping to lift 240kg-plus total today, near to her personal best, but nevertheless clearly enjoyed her Olympic experience.

“I was disappointed in my snatch, but was proud of the way I came back with my clean and jerk,” she said.

“To attempt a New Zealand record is pretty cool, but I didn’t quite get there.”

She said she loved every minute of the competition.

“I wish I could have done better, but I left it all out there trying.” 

Rio 2016 Olympic Summer Games Tracey Lambrechs
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