The New Zealand triathlon team has been named for the Mixed Team Relay at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games, with the race due to go at 11.30pm on Saturday NZT.


The announcement this morning in Glasgow follows on from the individual racing yesterday, with athletes having two days recovery ahead of the relay.


Triathlon New Zealand High Performance Director Graeme Maw made the announcement from the teams base in Glasgow and announced Andrea Hewitt, Tony Dodds, Nicky Samuels and Ryan Sissons on the team.


This is a strong team, one that we have selected based on performance and form. We are disappointed for Kate (McIlroy), she has not quite made it back to the form she had previously, before surgery. But equally we are delighted for Nicky for the work that she has put in and indeed for all four of them to gain selection and to have them go and perform at the best of their ability.


They are all determined to do well and put the disappointment of the individual racing behind them, they have form in that regard in that they turned around reasonably disappointing individual results in Hamburg before claiming silver in the 2013 World Championships and as a team they are very tight and thrive in this environment.


The keys to a good race and outcome are for them all to fulfil their individual roles in the team, lead off is important, then each person must use their strengths to keep us there. If the individual races were tough races from an endurance point of view, then this is fast and furious.


Glasgow Commonwealth Games Mixed Team Relay Triathlon

Andrea Hewitt, Tony Dodds, Nicky Samuels, Ryan Sissons

12.30pm Saturday 26th (11.30pm Saturday 25th NZT)

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