Athlete: Rebecca Jones 

Location: Youth Olympic Park 


Individual events: Athletes shoot 12 ends of six arrows to complete the 60m ranking round for a maximum score of 720. Archers are then seeded according to their final score. They then progress to the Olympic round, where the athletes shoot in a head-to-head elimination bracket. The winner of each match advances and the loser is knocked out of the competition. Each match is the best of five sets of three arrows.

Mixed International Team Competition: In this event the top-ranked man is paired with the bottom-ranked woman and so on and their cumulative score from the 60m ranking round (with a maximum of 1440 points) is used to rank the pair for match play.

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Athletes: Connor Bell (discus), Hannah O'Connor (3000m, cross country), Murdoch McIntyre (2000m steeplechase, cross country), Kayla Goodwin (triple jump), Dominic Overend (200m)

Location: Youth Olympic Park


Track Events: In the 200m there are two stages of competition with all athletes competing in both.For the 3000m and 2000m steeplechase, all athletes will compete in a heat of their individual events which will decide who progresses. All athletes must also compete in a cross-country race.

Field Events: All field events will be contested in two stages with each athlete’s score in both stages to be added together to determine the overall final placings. In both stages of all field events all athletes will receive four jumps/throws.



Athletes: Oscar Guo

Location: Tecnópolis Park


Singles event: A match will consist of the best of three games. A game will be won by the side which first scores 21 points, with tiebreak scoring (setting to two points clear) to a maximum of 30.

Team events: These events consist of eight teams of eight players (four men and four women) playing ties of 10 matches, where players accumulate points until they reach a winning total of 110 points.


 Basketball (3x3)

Athletes: Joseph Ahie, Thomas Whyte, Max de Geest, James Moors

Location: Urban Park 


A team consists of four players, three players on the court, and one substitute.

The game is played on a half court, on one basket, in one period of ten minutes playing time.

The first team to score 21 points (or more) in regulation, or the team that is leading the game at the end of the 10 minutes, is the winner.

 The scoring rules allow one or two points for a successful shot. One point is awarded for shots from the free throw line and for shots from all positions inside the arc (within the 6.75-metre line). Shots behind the arc (beyond the 6.75-metre line) are awarded two points. The team must attempt a shot for a field goal within twelve seconds. There is no break after a basket. Offense turns to defense immediately.

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Beach Volleyball

Athletes: Keegan Joe, David Jeffery, Maya Dickson, Tamara Otene

Location: Green Park


Each match is the best of three sets. The first two sets are played to 21 points and the third set, if needed, is played to 15 points. All sets require a two-point advantage (which is unlimited) to win.



Athletes: Te Mania Shelford, Kasib Murdoch

Location: Youth Olympic Park


Each bout is made up of three rounds. Each round lasts three minutes, with a one-minute rest period between the rounds.

Scoring System: The five judges are placed on all four sides of the ring. Based on the “Ten Point Must System”, at the end of each round, each judge must determine the winning boxer of that round by awarding a score of ten points and by awarding nine or less points - down to seven - to the losing boxer, depending on the judgment as to the degree to which the opponent lost the round. Every round must have a declared winner. The following three criteria are used to score a bout: number of quality blows on target area, domination of the bout and competitiveness.

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Athletes: Finn Anderson (men’s C1 (one person canoe) events), Khalia Cullwick (women’s C1 events), George Snook (men’s K1 (one person kayak) events)

Location: Urban Park


The athletes will compete in both sprint and slalom.

There are qualification and final phases. In the qualification phase, there are two rounds, in the final phase the athletes compete over four or five rounds.

For the qualification heats, athletes are randomly paired and timed during the race. Times are measured to 1/100th of a second using a photo-finish system.

In sprint, athletes paddle on a circuit course, and compete head to head against each other.

In slalom, athletes compete on a calm water surface as opposed to a natural river or artificial slalom course. They need to demonstrate the skills of a slalom paddler by maneuvering around gates and beating the other athlete's time on the course.

Athletes finish the race when the bow of their boats crosses the finish line marked with red buoys.

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 Cycling (BMX & Mountian/Roadbike)

Athletes: Jessie Smith, Cailen Calkin (BMX), Samara Maxwell, Phoebe Young, Cailen Calkin, Max Taylor (Mountian/road bike)

Location: Green Park & Urban Park


Women's Combined Team Event / Men' s Combined Team Event Mountain/Roadbike: Both riders in the team compete in three road cycling race types: Road Race (RR), Criterium, Team Time Trial (TTT) and two Mountain Bike race types: Cross-country Eliminator (XCE) and Cross-country Short Circuit (XCC).

Mountain Bike:

Cross-country Eliminator: This is a direct elimination event and is held on a circuit of around 800-1000m which will take around 1min30 for the men and 2min for the women. All riders complete a one lap time trial qualification run, and the fastest 32 riders progress to the finals.

Cross-country Short Circuit: Held on a circuit of around 1.5km which will take approximately three minutes (men) - four minutes (women). The time will be taken for the first lap, and then a lap board will be shown announcing the number of laps to go, calculated to give race times of approximately fifteen minutes for the qualification and approximately 20 minutes for the final. In the qualification, there are two heats of 20 riders for each gender, the top 10 in each heat progress to the final.

Cycling Road: 

Team Time Trial: Teams start at given intervals to cover a distance of about 7km. Times are taken on the second rider of each team crossing the finishing line. The team with the fastest time is the winner.

Road Race: Mass start, the first rider crossing the finish line at the end of the total distance is the winner. The distance for the men's and women's road race will be the same. Men and women will complete three laps of around 20km.

Criterium: The Criterium is a combination of endurance and speed. The winner is the rider with the most laps completed.

Mixed BMX: 

Racing Team Event: There are 16 teams composed of one man and one woman from the same country. Men and women compete separately.

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Equestrian (Jumping)

Athletes: Briar Burnett-Grant

Location: Green Park


Individual Competition: Each rider is assigned a horse following a draw. This format requires tremendous horsemanship as each rider will need to develop a partnership with an unknown horse to compete successfully.

Athlete/horse combinations jump a series of obstacles all designed to test the athlete's skill and the horse's jumping ability. Penalties are given for faults such as knocking down an obstacle, refusals and exceeding the time allowed.

The objective is always the same: to jump the entire course within the time allowed without making a mistake - a clear round.

International Team Competition: Six teams will compete, one team per continent. A team consists of a maximum of five and a minimum of three athlete/horse combinations. Any tie for a team or individual medals is broken by a jump-off.

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Athletes: Juliana Hung, Jimmy Zheng

Location: Hurlingham Park


All players will play in the Individual event and the Mixed Team event.

Individual event: Individual stroke play events are played over 54 holes (3 rounds of 18 holes) over three consecutive days. Each player plays against every other player. Players complete each hole on the course, over three rounds and, after each round, return a score card with a gross score for each hole. The player who plays the rounds in the fewest strokes is the winner. A seeded draw is applied for the final round with the leading players teeing off last.

The Mixed Team event: This is played over 72 holes (4 rounds of 18 holes) over three consecutive days. Teams are composed of one woman and one man from the same National Olympic Committee.

First round: four-ball (pairs of players play as partners, with each playing their own ball. The lower score of the partners is the score for the hole. If one partner fails to complete a hole, there is no penalty).

Second round: foursome (pairs of players play as partners, and each pair plays a single ball, taking alternating strokes); it will be stipulated which player has to play the tee shot on each hole.

Third round: both individual scores count. The team score is the addition of the first and the second rounds as well as individual scores achieved by the men and women in the final round. The team that plays the stipulated rounds in the fewest strokes is the winner. A seeded draw is applied for the final round with the leading teams teeing off last.


Gymnastics (Artistic)

Athletes: Ethan Dick

Location: Youth Olympic Park


Multidiscipline Team Event: Gymnasts from all disciplines will be drawn into 12 teams of 13 gymnasts. The gymnasts will compete as a multinational and multidiscipline team.

Each team will be comprised in the following way: in acrobatic, one pair; in artistic, three men and three women; in rhythmic, three women; in trampoline, one man and one woman. There will be a qualification phase for each discipline.

Results are calculated by adding the rank obtained by each gymnast/pair within their discipline. The winner will be the team with the lowest total score ("highest ranks").

All-Around Disciplines (Individual and Team): In artistic gymnastics men and women compete separately. Men compete on six apparatus: floor exercise, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars, horizontal bars. Women compete on four apparatus: vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor exercise. The best eight in the qualification phase will participate in the individual finals and the best 18 teams in each area will participate in the all-around final.

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Athletes: Rihari Iki

Location: Youth Olympic Park


Scoring System: a. Ippon 10 points; b. Waza-ari 1 point; c. Win by Shido 0 points.

The repetitions of technical and tactical faults, which are penalised with shido, are cumulative and a maximum of three faults (shido) can be given. This means that after a third shido the contest will be stopped and the opponent will be declared the winner.



Athletes: Raukawa Jeffries

Location: Youth Olympic Park


The competition takes place in a square mat usually denominated ‘tatami’.

The contestants, Aka (red) and Ao (blue), compete against each other trying to score points by using different punching, kicking and takedown techniques.

The duration of the bouts is two minutes for men and for women.

Scoring System: Contestants receive points according to correctly executed techniques (controlled punches, strikes and kicks).

One ("Yuko") point for a straight punch or strikes delivered to the body and/or face.

Two ("Waza-Ari") points for a middle kick delivered to the body.

Three ("Ippon") points for a high kick delivered to the head, or for a punch delivered on an opponent who has been taken to the ground after a sweep or takedown.

The winner is the athlete claiming the highest number of points at full time.

 raukawa hit84560 o 2

Rugby Sevens 

Athletes: Tiana Davison, Dhys Faleafaga, Tynealle Fitzgerald, Iritana Hohaia, Jazmin Hotham, Riscshay Lemanu, Azalleyah Maaka, Risaleaana Pouri-Lane, Montessa Tairakena, Kalyn Takitimu-Cook, Arorangi Tauranga, Hinemoa Watene

Location: Club Atlético San Isidro Sede La Boya


The teams consist of a roster of twelve, six athletes of each gender, with seven players on the field at a time (five on bench).

The duration of all matches is fourteen minutes; two halves of seven minutes each with a two-minute half-time interval.


Sports Climbing

Athletes: Sarah Tetzlaff

Location: Urban Park


Competitors compete in three disciplines that are combined in a single ranking to decide the Women's Combined and Men's Combined medals.

Speed: The aim of Speed is to be the fastest to reach the top of a 15m high wall. Men and women compete on identical routes which are not modified between rounds; the competitors compete (race) in pairs on identical routes; the winner is the first to reach the top of the route.

Bouldering: The aim of Bouldering is to solve (complete) the most problems (climbing route) in the least number of attempts over a given period of time; men and women climb on 4,5m high structures (Boulders) equipped with safety mats; the Bouldering ranking is decided by the number of problems solved.

Lead: In Lead, the aim for the competitors is to go as high as possible in an individual attempt on a route designed on a 15m wall; the competitors have a limited amount of time (six (6) minutes) for their attempt.

Combined ranking: The competitor’s rank in each discipline is aggregated and the competitor with the lowest number of points after the Final wins the competition.

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Athletes: Gina Galloway, Zac Reid, Erika Fairweather, Michael Pickett

Location: Youth Olympic Park


Individual events of 50m and 100m consist of heats, semifinals and final phases.

Individual events of 200m and 400m consist of heats and final phases.

Individual events of 800m consist of direct finals.

Team relay events consist of heats and final phases. For each relay race a team consists of four swimmers.


Table Tennis 

Athletes: Nathan Xu, Hui-Ling Vong

Location: Tecnópolis Park


Mixed international Teams: Each team match consists of three matches. The first match is a singles match between the women. The second match is a singles match between the men.

After a five (5) minute break, the third match is a mixed doubles match. All matches are the best of five games. Games are played to 11 points with at least a two-point difference.

 Hui Ling1


Athletes: Dylan McCullough, Brea Roderick

Location: Green Park


This event is a combination of swimming, cycling and running in immediate succession.

Women Individual / Men Individual: The distance for each of the segments is as follows: 750m open water swim, a 20km bicycle ride, and a 5km run; the first athlete to complete the course is declared the winner.

Mixed Relay: Teams are composed of 4 athletes who will compete in the following order: woman, man, woman, man. Each of the athletes will complete a 250 to 300m open water swim, 5 to 8km bicycle ride and 1.5 to 2km run; the first team to complete the course after all four athletes have crossed the finish line is declared the winner.

  dylan and brea


Athletes: Kanah Andrews-Nahu

Location: Youth Olympic Park


Each competition consists of two parts: the Snatch and the Clean and Jerk, with generally a ten minute break between the two. Each athlete may take three attempts at individually chosen weights in both the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk, and the best results achieved are added to a total, which determines the ranking.

Snatch: One of the two types of movements/lifts which constitute the Weightlifting competition. A continuous, swift movement in which the athlete lifts the barbell with both hands from the platform to extended arms' length above the head finishing with an upright body. The Snatch is performed in the first half of the competition.

Clean & Jerk: A two-phase movement, during which the athlete first pulls the barbell with both hands to shoulder height, performing a squat and then standing up (Clean), then jerks the weight overhead in a fast movement finishing with arms fully extended and an upright body (Jerk). The Clean & Jerk is performed in the second half of the competition.



Athletes: Ella Derry, Westerly Ainsley Arapo Kellner and Ryan Marshall

Location: Youth Olympic Park


Greco-Roman Wrestling: The objective is to hold the opponent down with their back on the ground. This technique is called pin.

In this event it is strictly forbidden to grasp the opponent below the belt line, to trip him/her or to use the legs actively to perform any action.

Freestyle Wrestling: In freestyle wrestling you are able to use your legs to take down your opponent. Again, the objective is to hold the opponent down with their back on the ground. This technique is called pin.


Yachting (Kitesurf & Windsurf)

Athletes: Max van der Zalm (boardsailor), Veerle ten Have (boardsailor) and Pia Gordon (kiteboarder)

Location: Club Náutico San Isidro


Windsurfer and Multihull: This event uses a cumulative scoring system where the points from the 13 races in the series are added together and the team with the lowest score is the overall winner.

Kiteboards: This event uses a cumulative scoring system where the points from each race in the series (up to 24) are added together and the 8 teams with the lowest score progress to the winner takes all final.


Buenos Aires 2018 Olympic Summer Youth Games
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