Carlos got all the genetics that urge him to jump of cliffs. Although he has tried to pass this unfathomable enjoyment of dangerous activities onto me, it is the unseen mental skills and personality traits I have witnessed him learn through snowboarding that have stuck with me.


Above: Carlos and Rosa Garcia Knight

I’m 120% an over thinker (I probably shouldn’t say but I’m sure Carlos is too). Yet through finding this sport that he loves, his determination to be the best has forced him to take an attitude that is confident yet respectful, while having no time to worry about the negativity of what others may think. During my high school years, when your peers approval is life or death, this approach seemed impossible, but the more time I’ve spent with Carlos, the more he has shown me that it is so important. When you are pursuing what you love in the way you believe is best, success is inevitable and negativity is irrelevant. 


Above: The Garcia Knight family

His attitude has rubbed off on me and this encourages me to take risks. Carlos has always been persistently pushy with me. Overly encouraging me to try the food I didn’t want to, (annoyingly he’s almost always been right and I’ve loved it), pushing me that little bit more to close my eyes and just jump off the Kaiteri beach bridge into the deep water and encouraging my tentative self doubt into confidence when preparing for auditions for performance roles I’ve always dreamed of playing. So although I may not throw myself spinning off a snowy mountain, my confidence in trying new things has been forcefully shaped by my big brother. 


Above: Rosa and Carlos Garcia Knight as children (on left of photo)

As an energetic, eight year old girly girl, I used to hate it when Carlos would force me to sit through the X Games and Winter Olympics during our limited tv time before bed. But, now I couldn’t be more excited to watch these events and see his name flash up on the screen as he drops in.

In many ways, snowboarding makes Carlos who he is and in many ways, Carlos makes me who I am (as siblings do) and these skills he has developed pass over to all parts of his life, just as they’ve passed over to me.

Written by Rosa Garcia Knight

PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games Carlos Garcia Knight
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