Background about the mark designed for the New Zealand Olympic Team to London 2012, and the campaign surrounding the team.

About the NZ2012 Mark

The Making Us Proud campaign is represented by a mark designed for the New Zealand Olympic Team to London 2012. Reminiscent of a traditional blazer pocket and inspired by the classic fern worn by our 1948 Olympic Team to London, this mark embodies New Zealand’s proud sporting and cultural history. The fern used in the mark was designed by Wellington artist Colin Simon, who designed the NZNZ mark used for the 1974 Commonwealth Games as well as the New Zealand Olympic Fern designed in 1980.

Athletes and sporting organisations are invited to use this mark as they work towards London, as will members of the team’s online communities, schools and the general public.

This new and innovative approach will ensure the greatest number of New Zealanders can engage with the campaign, share their pride and inspire athletes.

The mark is not for commercial use.

About the NZ2012 Campaign

New Zealand Olympic Teams throughout history have inspired us with their stories of determination, success and glory – the small guy taking on the rest of the world. Our athletes’ inspiring stories have become the very fabric of which our society is made. Each Olympic Games we’ve asked New Zealanders to be inspired by and be proud of our team.

But this year, we’re turning this around. For the London Olympic Games in 2012 we are inviting New Zealanders to help inspire our athletes.

Inspire us, inspire our team.  Tell us “When were you most proud to be a New Zealander?”

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