Wrapping down the 2011 season means a final push towards the Auckland World Cup on the 20th November.

With the distractions of being home plus the exciting Rugby World Cup it was only fair that I enjoyed the end part of my long 2011 season. To do this, it was only fair I went to the last New Zealand RWC games. The first New Zealand vs Australia, the last, the final New Zealand vs France. And what an experience...! The amazing crowds of different nationalities all passionate about their teams. The atmosphere in the stadium of complete chaos as both teams fought for the win, truly an experience I will never forget!

But looking forwards, its the last race of the season and one that is on my home turf as well as the ground for the 2012 World Champs Final and one which I will try my best for a top placing in. I know the field will be good, the course will be tough and the crowds will be watching so I better make sure its a good show!!