So now it's 2 weeks since the World Champs in Daegu and what a journey it has been this year to get there. Firstly though a massive thanks to my coach Jean Pierre Egger and Werner Gunthor for all your help and support this year. Also to physio Lou and Mike from sports academy for being part of the journey with me along with Chris Kirman. Last but not least my family, you guys rock and have made my World Champs title a success.

The lead up to Worlds was full on, I had the Diamond League comps which I participated in. The goal at every comp was to win, I didn't really tapper myself for any of these meets as world champs was the focus.

A month out from Worlds things get a little intense which is normal and I am use to it. But it was a change from normal as I did not have any stressed people around me which made the difference, my coach was awesome and kept the work going.

When we arrived in Daegu I was feeling pumped and ready to go and reflected on the months I had spent this year in Switzerland. I knew I had given it my all physically and mentally so it was D day. Qualifying was a breeze, next was the finals. I was pumped but had a slow start. But the comp isn't over until it's over. I knew I had won with 20.72m already before the last round, but I felt I had the 21m there so went in for my last throw. 21.24m felt so great and easy, when I saw the distance and knew I had won, it was the best feeling ever. So the 2011 job is done and what a great year from what 2010 was to now.

Next year the Olympics will be here. So as I finish off my season I still have my sights set on London and know that I got to work hard to achieve what I want to when I get there. It's exciting times, but at the moment I am ready for the last 2 comps then can rest the body and the mind before getting back into preps for the Olympics. Bring it on!