Over the last month I have been mentoring and coaching a few athletes from various codes and different countries. We talked about what it felt like when they were in the zone. The word confidence comes up all the time – but what does confidence feel like? For me it was a happy, excited place but focused and firey and being totally present with what was happening all around me at that moment. You have this amazing awareness like a 6th sense, a honed in intuition. To get to this confidence place you have to have ticked many boxes and so when the time comes you can just let go and let your intuition take over. To help me get into the zone I would look around me and appreciate:

Who I was - an Olympic Windsurfer, mother and a wife, who was competitive, determined and balanced.

What I was doing – the best job in the world, how lucky was I?

The environment – I Visualised it was warm and sunny and the water was clean and turquoise blue and it was blowing 15 knots and I was blasting through the water and when I did have these conditions It was even more amazing.

My support team – were and still are an incredible bunch of individuals that were passionate and the best in the world in what they did,

Being a New Zealander and how proud I felt and what a privilege it was to be born into such a great country.

When I got to this place I had this amazing energy and knew I would win before I even started racing. It was a place where it didn’t matter whether I won or lost and because of that I was winning.

What’s your zone?