What’s Your Focus?

By this time next year the games will be over!!!

Some athletes will be feeling this amazing sense of satisfaction and calm. All that hard gruelling work - all that stress - all that planning paid off.

“YAHOO no more self induced pressure, no more training, I will be able to sleep easier, eat whatever I like, no more planning going on in my head….”

Some will be feeling like crap and not wanting to come home to face the music.

I have been in both situations and with BOTH situations it still takes a long time to re adjust to “normal” life. Having awareness that this is a normal feeling and it usually is bought on by the thought of “what now?” is common.

If you have really put your heart and soul into something big – I mean everything into something by the end of it you should feel knackered on every level. If you still have something left at the end then I would be questioning your focus.

So this is a great time to really understand what is your focus.

Some athletes’ “focus” is to qualify for the Olympic Games – That is just what they do “qualify” and when they get to the games they have no mojo left to drive themselves to excellence levels of medals or personal bests. A year out from the games I was firmly focusing on a medal and every training session, every race I did leading up to the games was an Olympic race. There was urgency every time I trained or raced. The pressure should be going on from NOW every day counts.