It's been another fun and busy month in Wellington. After a short post-season break I'm getting more serious and structured about my training, but still cramming in as many 'extra-curricular' activities as possible.

The highlights for me this month have been many and varied. I've had lots of practice of riding on muddy, slippery tracks, as it has been a wet and wild spring in Wellington. It's fun to be covered from head to toe in mud, although the clean up of bike, body, and clothes at the end of the ride is not as much fun! I've started doing some longer endurance rides, both on the mountain bike and the road bike, which is a good chance to explore unknown (to me) parts of Wellington. I'm also keeping up the off-road running and yoga - it's good for the body and brain to use some different muscles and movements from cycling.

Off the bike, it has been fantastic to be in the midst of the excitement and energy of the Rugby World Cup. There have been fans from all over the world wearing their national colours, friendly banter between different supporters, and lots of silver fern flags flying proudly in cars, homes, and offices. It has made me pleased and proud to be a New Zealander! My favourite part, though, was watching the All Blacks' haka: so inspiring and uplifting.

The next month looks like more of the same: lots of time on the bike, lots of other fun activities. Looks good to me!