We’re now at the end point of our campaign. We left on Monday to travel to England for the Olympic Games.

This will be Blair’s first Olympics and Peter’s second (Pete sailed the 470 at the Beijing Olympics aged 17).

It will be cool to get our team uniforms when we get to England and we’ll be proud to wear the silver fern.

Our training in NZ has been going well over the last few weeks – the NZL winter has provided a wide range of conditions. We’re hoping we can take some of our NZ weather to Weymouth - as our winter lately has been a lot more pleasant than the very wet British summer.

Racing starts for us on the 30th July with the Medal race scheduled for 8 August – 10 days total - making a very long regatta. The 49er fleet at the games will be just 20 boats – 1 per country. The schedule is for 2 races most days, with a couple of lay/rest days – which may be used if the weather isn’t co-operative.

With the 49er spinnakers all huge national flags, the 49er fleet should be an amazing sight – great for our families and supporters who will be watching from the shore.

As our racing starts just 2 days after the opening ceremony in London, like so many other athletes, we have made the hard decision not to go. We’re looking forward to seeing it on TV though.

We’ll head to the London Olympic village once the sailing has finished to be with the rest of the NZ team.

Good luck to all the NZL Olympic team – especially our mates on the NZL sailing team.

A huge thanks to our family, friends and supporters.

Unfortunately we have now entered the “sponsors blackout’ phase of the Olympic program and so are no longer able to mention our sponsors on this newsletter – you know who you are and we appreciate you all.

Getting pretty exciting now...

Peter and Blair