Its the year of 2012 and no doubt could possibly be the biggest year of my career so far.

Looming in April is the final Olympic selection race in Sydney, the final showdown, the final chance to prove to the selectors that I want to be in London on the start line in August! To do that requires a lot of hard work, and the training ive been doing the past 10 weeks is more than keeping me busy!

Base phase is always long and slow, however I seem to have thrown myself in the deep end, racing a 5 day UCI cycling tour with pro teams from around the world, it was long but certainly not slow! That added in with the Wanaka Contact Series where I nabbed a 2nd placing, many solid weeks of running and swimming training, as well as a 2 week training camp in Wanaka with many other high performance athletes from around the world, I can certainly say that I am pushing my body to the limit!

From now until April, I have a few more races with one this weekend in Takapuna, a super sprint race around the streets, then a final hit out at the Oceania Champs in Devonport, Australia before the showdown in April. But until then, its back to training, eating and sleeping then repeating daily!