Earlier this month I was in Qatar for the 9th World Conference on Sport and Environment. I was there representing the athletes of Oceania in my role as an International Olympic Committee Athletes Commission member! The theme - “playing for a greener future”. Throughout the conference presentations there were many references to the role of using athletes as ambassadors for the messaging and the importance of education for young people about the environment.

I was proud to present to the 400 delegates on “project Litefoot” a Kiwi charitable trust that is using a few of our top athletes as role models to set an example of what you can do. Michael Campbell, Conrad Smith, Brendon McCullum, Daniel Kereopa, The Evers Swindell Twins and myself. We have all undertaken to reduce our footprint and the cool thing is that the steps we took saved us money and the environment. Check out this website and see what you can do to make a difference.

The presentations that really resonated with me during the conference were the many environmental disasters caused by man that are happening around the world. We take our beautiful country for granted – and if we don’t keep protecting it, our kids will not be able to enjoy what we have taken for granted.

What are you doing to make a difference?