One of my proudest moments this year so far is watching Jon Paul Tobin sail to a bronze at the RSX World Championships in Cadiz, Spain last month. He epitomises the saying “perseverance pays off”. Life is also all about timing and when it is your time it’s your time. Most would have thrown the towel in after the first couple of disappointments but he came back fighting every year. It took him 3 Olympic cycles to win the Olympic spot for NZ (as we can only send one) from a highly competitive field of male windsurfers in New Zealand and this year was his first podium finish at a world champs since he made his debut at his first Olympic Class World champs in 1997 where he placed 5th.
He has always been sniffing around in the top 10 but hadn’t cracked the big one until now.

I have known JP since he was about 13 years old when he came to his first windsurfing competition way back in early 90’s He was a pretty focused, determined kid that had a fiery mouth on him.

JP’s story was like watching a remake of David and Goliath and finally after 12 years David beats Goliath and for JP, Goliath takes on many forms not just on the water but in his life also.

Over the last few years JP found his tribe, owns his high performance program and put everything in place that gets him into his zone and is maximising his journey in life. It’s not about who you were it is who you can become and sport is the best vehicle for life learning’s – no matter where you place in London JP you have already got the win, I am so proud to be one be one of your friends – but a medal would be FRIGGING AWESOME to top it off!