365 days........less now.......the clock is ticking.......but for us athletes the clock has been ticking for a while now. For me, the countdown really started back in 2008, after the Beijing Olympics. My first Olympics done and if you read all the great bio books everyone says you need one Olympics to learn what it’s all about. I have learnt from my ‘dirty old 4th’ and moved my focus four years on.

There always has to be a master plan, and Olympic performances are not created overnight, or even in one year for that matter. The base work started many many months ago and way in the distance the London Olympic dream has always been visible, if slightly blurry to begin with. But now, with less than one year to go the clarity of that London dream is becoming more real. I can feel the buzz starting to build, the excitement that is starting to filter not only through our team, through New Zealand but also around the world – the power of the Olympics – Oooo it gives me goosebumps.

But, there is still plenty of work to be done, and as athletes we must stick to the master plan and not get sidetracked. We specialise in monotony, pedalling circles around a circle (well an oval velodrome to be precise) and for many the repetitiveness of our training lives may seem hard to fathom. But when you have a carrot as big as London dangling in front of you, pedalling circles is an exhilarating roller coaster ride that fulfils every day. Last week I pedalled 103,680 revolutions, today 13,246, and tomorrow...........

The countdown has started, let the London hype begin!