The last month has been sick. Maybe the sickest part of the last month was seeing the usually calm and composed face of the NZ Olympic Team Chef de Mission Dave Currie covered in fear as Luuka Jones and I guided him over the seven metre Okere Falls thanks to our buddies at Rotorua-Rafting, we crashed down and I was ripped out of the raft back into the waterfall, I swam back to the surface thinking I would have to drag Dave and Jean back to the raft only to find them buzzing with so much excitement they hadn't noticed I was missing!

Since arriving back from the Aussie training camp in February I've been firing up some hard physical training on the Kaituna River, just out of Rotorua. It's been an amazing block of training, and I am stoked to have put down another four weeks to build on the base from the off season. Sam Thompson has been ripping my arms to shreds in the gym, while on the water truck loads of interval sessions have meant I'm sleeping soundly at night. The environment I have for training in Rotorua is going to be the biggest thing I will miss once landing in London next week. Nothing can beat Stand Up Paddling across the lake to the hot pools for a recovery session, doing intensive sessions surrounded by tree ferns on the Kaituna River or running through the massive trees in the Red Woods mountain bike forest.

From here we will be firing up the Slalom NZ Jet and heading straight into London for a three week stint training on the Olympic Course. It's no easy task traveling with a three and half metre Kayak, paddles and a truckload of equipment, although I'm sure the airlines really do love seeing us clogging up the check in queue. But thanks to Singapore Airlines it's looking like this seasons trip over should be relatively stress free. This training camp in London is a crucial chance for us to learn as much as we can about the course with only four weeks available before the Olympic Games. Luuka Jones and myself are also lucky enough to be invited to forerunner on the Olympic Course for the British Selection Races next weekend this is going to be a huge opportunity and a chance to get as much racing experience on the Games course prior to the big one. From there it will be off to my base in Central Europe to Slovakia to train and live at my base in Bratislava. We'll be heading for two races there before tackling the World Cup to build up for the Games.

I'm so fired up to get on that plane and have 24 hours of rest after such an epic off season and I'm excited to get overseas and see how the preparation puts me amongst the opposition plus get some good racing under my belt in the North Hemisphere.

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