Sitting at the start line, I couldn't help but smile. It was such an amazing position to be in, at the Olympic Games in front of 12,000 cheering spectators and racing for a spot in the final.

It was great also to know that all my family and friends back home were tuned in and the messages of support leading up to the race were amazing! I also hoped that the impressive level of racing at these Games, the venue and the footage would increase the profile of Canoe Slalom in New Zealand and also world wide. (It was voted one of the best venues in the 2012 Games!)

I started off well but after hitting an upstream in the first drop, I struggled to continue my momentum and felt my run slipping away. Incurring four seconds of additional penalties, it didnt help my cause and as soon as I crossed the finish beam I knew I was out of that top ten.

It has been a bit of a disappointment but also, finishing above my ranking and racing the semifinal was an achievement and I take away a lot from my progress this year.

I would like to thank everybody for their support of me and to Waiariki who have been behind me for the last four years. Huge thanks to my team, Jane Borren, Andy Raspin and Sam Thompson for all the work they put in in getting me here and to this level and to all my friends and family, I couldnt do it without you. Thanks also to my other sponsors, you all make a difference.

I am looking forward to Rio and continuing my improvement to be able to reach that top level. I love this sport and the challenge of it and my desire to be the best is still at the fore front.

Thanks again everyone. Heading back to the motherland next Tuesday. Its been a while NZ, see you soon!