I think this time last year I was writing something similar "the weather has turned cold, dustings of snow are settling on the hills, it's time to leave town". This has been my same routine for seven years now, chasing the continuous summer in search of more hills to climb in the warmer climates of the Northern Hemisphere summer. Its definitely a perk of the job but the focus is very much on the training rather than perfecting the tan. Although we do get to do that too if you like 'cyclist style' - you are left with permanent white gloves, tee-shirt lines, helmet straps down your cheek, not to mention the white panda eyes from glasses, and don't even try to imagine what us cyclists look like in a bikini!!!

It’s been a rather busy few weeks before heading off. I recently filmed a television commercial for Powerade that is now on your NZ screens. This was heaps of fun with a really cool crew who got me working hard and sweating up a storm as you will see in the commercial. You can also see the ad here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ax6o7RVmcSY

Also I was selected by Proctor and Gamble (P&G) an International Olympic sponsor along with my mum to be the New Zealand representatives for their Olympic campaign “P&G Proud Sponsor of Mum’s”. The campaign is running in 40 countries around the world and one athlete and their mum have been chosen from each. As part of the campaign Mum did a photoshoot and featured in New Idea, were flown to Auckland to appear on the live Good Morning TV show and P&G also sent a film crew out to Mum and Dad’s home in Dunedin to film a documentary, otherwise known as a ‘mumamentary’ on Mum and my story from a baby to an Olympian. Here is a link to their world wide campaign. https://www.pgproudsponsorofmums.co.uk/best_job
It was a great experience to share with my Mum and it doesn’t end there, as part of the campaign P&G fly Mum to London, with five nights accommodation and tickets to my event to be right there to watch me at the Olympics! There are also “Mum” functions in London where all the P&G Olympic Mums from around the world get to come together and meet. Everyone is so excited about it and I think its such a fantastic campaign that really acknowledges the hard work of mothers around the world and I know the hours of support and love my mum has given me to shape me into the athlete I am today – Thank You P&G!

After all this excitement it was time to pack up the bike and head off for some ‘real’ work. So here we are again, in America, Los Angles specifically and the Olympic team has all just come together again for an intense week on the boards of the LA Velodrome. You can really feel the excitement staring to build as London race day gets closer and closer.

Still there are plenty of laps to be done, hundreds in fact between now and then. Whizzing round the boards at 56km/hr, heart rate at 198bpm, with two team mates following behind in perfect formation. This is the Teams Pursuit, three riders, 12laps-3km. This is the event I will be competing in at London.

I love being at home with family and friends but for the perfect training it’s always necessary to leave, and this time its a great feeling to be on the road again, because I know this time I left New Zealand bound for the Olympics. There is no better motivation than waking up every morning knowing its your job to get out there and train your butt off in preparation to pull on the black skinsuit and represent NZ at the Olympic Games. See you there Mum!