Making the Olympic team... A dream come true and my new "When were you most proud to be a New Zealander" moment.

After a disappointing race in Sydney with my bike crash in the early stages of the race I was utterly disappointed and thought my Olympic dream was over. After getting all fixed up at hospital and looking into the race results and my previous results, I thought I may still stand a chance. It was Sunday night and I got a call from Greg Fraine the national coach and we needed to catch up, this I knew was going to either be good or bad! It was good news, I had made the team, and I was speechless!! From then on I couldn't tell anyone other than close family until the official Olympic announcement on Wednesday 18 April (100 days to go until the London Games kick off) which was becoming very hard with so many people asking the questions.

However now its official and I can get back to doing what I do best, triathlon! There is still work to do to secure that 3rd spot and of course to get into my best shape ever come August 7th.