Two months ago, I started, properly, my preparations for the London Olympics. For the past five years, I have combined cycling with work and study. However, two months ago I submitted my PhD thesis, and started training and racing full-time. I feel like I am now properly on the path towards London, having committed to making cycling my key focus for the next 18 months. The first objective on the path towards London was to secure a qualification spot for NZ in my main event, the mountainbike cross country. I achieved that in March by winning the Oceania Championships, so guaranteeing NZ a spot in the Olympics for that event. For the next six months I will be training and racing in Europe and the US. I hope that, by devoting more time and energy to cycling, I will be able to improve my strength, skills, and fitness so that I can consistently compete with the very best in the world. I'm looking forward to it!