I have never been so proud to be a NZer as I have over this last month.

I have to admit that in the past I have not been a big rugby fan. It wasn’t a sport I knew much about and I couldn’t understand what was so great about watching a bunch of testosterone fuelled men beat each other up in a paddock.

I also have to sheepishly admit that I was jealous of the All Blacks! Here I was an individual athlete in a minority sport struggling to make ends meet and to see the All Blacks fully pimped made me see red. Even more so when I was getting World Class results and the media weren’t that interested - especially if the All Blacks captain sprained his big toe. Jealousy can really distort reality.

The Rugby World Cup has so changed my perceptions over the last 6 weeks as the competition unfolded.

I felt so proud to be a kiwi and am now one of the All Blacks biggest fans! Over the cup I gained an understanding of this very technical game. I found myself caught up in the rugby fever and excitement and was yelling and screaming like a maniac. I became a Rugby expert in those final two weeks and was yelling instructions to the team “hold onto the ball, don’t kick it” and some expletives to go with it all. Now I fully appreciate the talent, athleticism and professionalism of this team they handled the biggest pressure – the whole nations wellbeing on their shoulders, they rose above it and took that win it was AWESOME. Big ups to the team and all the support crew behind them it truly was a great win!