There has been lots to make us proud to be kiwis with the Rugby World Cup, especially after the efforts of the All Blacks last night in the semis, demolishing Australia to make the gave me a lump in the throat watching Richie McCaw trying to speak post match over the noise of the crowd roaring for the team.

What I think has been really cool about the World Cup has been the display of support for the All Blacks....there are NZ and All Black flags everywhere. Last weekend I drove from Dunedin to Wanaka and driving through all the small towns in Central Otago the flags where everywhere, even on the fences of farms in the middle of nowhere. Its something I have always thought was really cool about being in many countries in Europe where they proudly display their national flags year round, and now to see that national pride on display in NZ is awesome! I've got my kiwi flag flying in the window, GO THE ALL BLACKS!