AJ and I are very happy here in Wettlekam, Germany. The weather has been somewhat changeable though – last week we went from snow and Zero degrees on Tuesday to sun and 32 degrees on Saturday! The warm weather made for a very nice Saturday evening in Munich, where we sat in the very pretty Beer Garden in t shirts until 11.30pm. Such a lovely atmosphere – even for one who doesn't like beer and I don't think I'm going to develop the taste for it while I'm here either! I am quite happy with my white wine in the Beer Garden.

I have a bike which I generally use each day to get to and from the stables. It’s perfect for working off the German bread which is far too yummy, but I am not that good on the bike and I think my biking is somewhat amusing for many.

AJ is happy and busy growing a winter coat, which is very inconvenient as I can't clip him because he's so fine-skinned and it leads to many problems, so I am hoping he decides it’s summer after all.

One day of sun over here and the awful Bramsen flies come out – they are very big and have a nasty bite. They are such a problem that you can only ride outside before 10am.

Munich CDI is two weeks away which seems much too close. I'm loving the training, but AJ is still green and although I'm getting things better, it's hard to get everything happening as you want first go. After Munich CDI I plan to go to Archleiten in Austria for another competition at the end of May. It will be good to do them and get more competition mileage, and work at riding better in the arena.

London gets closer by the minute it seems. There are just 85 days to go until the London Olympics get underway. It’s very exciting but at the same time, quite daunting as well. Looking at the results from Hagen, it will be a real treat to watch so many amazing horses and riders training each day. Great for the sport, horse and rider that world super star Totillas is back in such good form.

In the meantime, we will continue to try and get our own work more established.