Nothing like a night chilling in Barcelona city to calm the fevers of an annoying weekend of racing. The final world cup race before the Olympics took place this weekend and I was looking to put down some fire and make the finals. Instead, I put down a solid first run in qualifications which would have put me safely through to the semi if not for a 50 second penalty.

One of the gate judges called it clean, the other - half a head. In my opinion I was through the gate but unfortunately the chief judge did not concur. Annoying, but I did not wish to dwell on this, it just meant I was headed into second runs without a safe first run under my belt.

I was feeling tired for most of the week, and perhaps this effected what happened next - its hard to say. 2nd runs I bolted out of the start gate trying to put down a faster time. On the way down, I managed to have a complete mind blank and paddle the wrong course, sailing down the left side of gate 16 rather than the right. I still did not recall my error until the bottom when I saw a juicy 50second penalty on my time. The flashback caused my face to drop in disbelief. I had paddled the wrong course! This put me out of the semifinal and was a rather sour end to the world cup.

I will not torment myself about this rather absurd error but instead remain positive that this will be the one and only time I do something like this.
I am happy with my paddling in general and take a few learning curves out of these three weeks of racing. I am confident in the times I have put down in these events and know that I have a good pace and can put down solid race runs.

I now head back to the UK and back to Lee Valley on Thursday for a six day training camp. Thanks everyone for your support and kind messages through the racing, it is very much appreciated. Adios Seu, its been a blast (and a bummer). Londons calling.