The London 2012 Games have closed and 10,000 athletes have departed the Olympic Village back to their respective corners of the globe, but what an incredible time it was. For me London was the pinnacle event for four years. One race that every training I've done has been building to this moment, talk about a stressful day at the office. As long as four years sounds it came around exceptionally fast. I suddenly found myself sitting on the start line of the worlds biggest sporting arena - The Olympic Games. To be honest I was pretty chill and just soaking up the atmosphere that 15,000 people watching you brings. They were playing some good music on the sound system, the crowd was warming up and the buzz around the stadium was sweet. My qualification was great, I stepped up to the moment and came in 8th place, through to the medal rounds. My Olympic campaign came to an end pretty abruptly two days later in the semi-finals where I missed a wave and was washed downstream past two gates causing me to incur two 50 second penalties and drop to 15th. It was as though someone had jabbed we with a pin. I was totally deflated. While this wasn't what I came to London to do I also couldn't change it. I was stoked to know I was on track to mix it up with the rest of the boys in the Olympic Games and to be part of one of the most amazing NZ Olympic Teams. The support from home and within the team was huge. I spent two weeks watching the greatest athletes in the world doing there thing and seeing NZ athletes keep climbing onto the podium time and time again. If I look back over the last four years I don't think I would change a thing. It's been amazing and my team and I prepared as perfectly as we could. Sometimes things just don't go your way. As quickly as it came, the Olympics was done and dusted. Bring on RIO