Tonight I head back to London for the final countdown to the games. I am going to be based in Weymouth as I am coaching in the women’s RSX fleet during the games. It is going to be strange feeling because this will be the first time in seven Olympic Games that a Kendall wont be competing in windsurfing. It is an end of an era. Despite that I am so happy to be involved as a coach as it really is the next best job if you can’t be an athlete. It is such a privilege to work with a high performance athlete to be a part of their journey and assist them to reach their potential. It has been an interesting journey over the last year as I have been assisting this athlete, she has a potential to medal if all the stars align and as we head into the last month of training all the boxes are finally being ticked off and I can see her really starting to gain that intuitive belief that is required to perform – it is so exciting!!

I will also attend the games in another roll as an IOC member. I spend about 70 days serving the Olympic movement in an honorary role. I am the athletes voice on many commissions and boards including the following: IOC athletes commission, IOC woman and sport commission, IOC sport and environment commission, WADA athletes commission, IOC 2020 working group. Oceania executive board, NZOC executive board and chair the Oceania athletes commission. One of the perks of working for free for the movement I get to take my family to the games and we all get the magic infinity pass that allows us all to go to all the events and the opening and closing ceremony. If I am lucky I will get to present medals to athletes as well.

Just before the games we have our IOC athletes commission meeting, we also meet with the IOC executive board, participate in the IOC session that finishes just before the opening ceremony. I will then head straight back down to Weymouth as the sailing begins on the 31st.

So it is all go, Olympic fever is here and I know the silver fern with be shining brightly for the next 6 weeks.