The 2012 World Cup season started off in Cardiff, Wales. I'd flown straight in from Vail, Colorado and was fired up to on with some slalom paddling after a wicked week racing my plastic boat in the states. The wild wind of Cardiff delayed things quite a bit and I found myself waiting and waiting for the start of the race. With a straight to Semi-Final format adopted to get inline with the broadcast after the delays it was an all or nothing 1 run race after 2 days of hanging in the hotel. I got nothing... I found myself offline and fighting to get to the gates and got pushed all over the show picking up 4 touches and with them 8 second of time penalties... My time was ok for a solid top 15 but with the touches I dropped quickly down to 34th.

From here there was no rest for the wicked and we boarded ezyjet flight straight to Toulouse en-route to Pau, France for World Cup 2. This is one of the most sick race courses in the world. Fast water, big holes, clean and green. It's a great place to training and race. The weather turned it on. Thankfully because I was getting super over the windy cold rainy weather we'd had basically since April... In Quals I had a good clean solid run coming in 20th place and through to the top 40 for the 2nd day. The course in the semis was tough, but I was fired up and thought I was on good form . A little of the pace but easing into the run at the top and feeeling it come together in the bottom. Half way down I caught some water and washed to the left of a gate picking up a 50sec penalty.. Guts eh.. I wanted to keep going to test the time against the other olympic boats despite the penalty. PLus there was wicked moves at the bottom of the course. But equipment failure meant I had to call it a day a few gates later. Boom 39th... with only 200th of a sec of penalty. Definitely not the result I was looking for here.

No stress - La Seu D'urgell World Cup in Spain was only five days away. I love this place. In the middle of the Prynees mountains, it is not only the course that hosted the world for the 92 games, but it's a beautiful relaxing awesome place with a sick vibe. The last three times I have attended world cups here luck hasn't been on my side... I have been cursed with a car accident damaging all our gear... A mystery illness that put me in hospital and in my bed for 8days, and a back injury causing me to miss the rest of the world cups in 2010... This was the time to smash those deamons.. I raced conservative middle of gates in the quals coming in 28th spot after my faster 2nd run was given a 50 by some marginally marginal judging dropping me from 12th. In the semi-final My time was solid for the final 7th place, but the run was anything but perfect with three touches and six seconds of penalties putting me out of contention. I'm fired up now to work out the shakeyness and get the A game going for London.

From here I will be in London for one week before heading to Ivera for the C Class and onto Sovakia for some rowdy training on the channel there. I am looking forward to joining up with the NZ Olympic Team on the 16th July at the Stratford Village.