It has been a mixed week this week. A press conference and additional media, a few days of trying to adjust to the 30 degree temperatures (that Britain has randomly conjured after months of inclement weather) and a bit of a crash on the course that made it to the stuff news site (ha!).

I was paddling a course that finished below the bottom drop on the white water channel and as I had gone through the final gate and was pulling into the eddy, a wave hit me side on and I rolled over. With no time to roll up, I was swept onto one of the plastic bollards and pinned upside down. These situations are never ideal as I was stuck and unable to move with the weight of the water pressure on top of me. I had to wait for the current to sweep me down which it luckily did and in doing so pulled me out of my kayak. I swam to the bottom and my friend Lizzie paddled me to the side for which I was grateful as I was still in a bit of shock as to what had happened. These occasions are rare. I am a bit sore but in the hands of the NZ medical team. Ice and recovery for a couple of days and I will be on track again.

Some of the team sat outside in our kiwi outdoor paradise and watched our women's football team play GBR, the first event of the Olympics. We are a large group of avid sport fans and there was a good atmosphere as we cheered them on. It was a great game and our teams played really well. There is such a sense of camaraderie, wanting our fellow NZ Olympians to dominate their events. There is a lot more action to come next week with a large amount of us competing.

Thanks very much to Bethlehem Primary school for the cards you sent to me and everybody for your messages of support leading up to the race next week, I really appreciate it.