What a wet summer! As a farmer I was pretty happy – rain rain and more rain. We have had amazing growing season – so much grass our stock can’t keep up and we have had to make lots of silage. What extreme’s we face, with the south island facing a drought like we went through 4 years ago. As if they haven’t had enough grief lately.

I had a really nice break – 3 weeks off sailing and we went to the beach as a family. Waihi beach was our choice, and we loved it – it is a very cool place. We really enjoyed all the things to do, even with the bad weather. My 2 eldest kids – Sophie (9) and Hayden (6) were learning to surf, both were standing up and surfing well. We managed to be gone before the containers all arrived from the Rena and closed the beach. I was not thrilled to hear later that rotten meat from the containers had been attracting lots of sharks to the area...!

Seems like where ever you go in New Zealand at the moment it is really nice. We are spoilt with our beautiful beaches and easy living. Let’s hope the Rena disaster can hasten to an end.

My thoughts go out to those who have not had a happy summer – in particular I wanted to mention the horrific hot air balloon accident and pass my sincere condolences onto the respective families. I cannot imagine how hard it must be for them at the moment.

Let’s hope for a great 2012, may we continue to recover and grow. Bring on London 2012, not long to go now - less than 200 days! I was very pleased to hear that New Zealand have 28 athletes in the world top 3 as opposed to 14 in 2007. Let’s turn those to Gold!