Over the past few weeks our training has been focused at making us the fittest, fastest and strongest team come London. We have been doing a lot of running and gym work and spending less time on the hockey pitch and more time in our running shoes. We have been doing some pretty intense sessions that generally involve guys pushing themselves as hard as they can go.

Over the past couple of weeks we have been doing max strength, speed and fitness testing. As every athlete knows these tests are something that you stress about for days prior to doing them, but once they are over and done with you always seem to wonder what the big deal was. The guys got some really positive results that showed we were all much stronger and fitter than when we started which was the point of the training period we just did. Our team YO-YO results were extremely impressive with an average of over 22 as a team and one player managed to clock the whole test, which was a pretty impressive accomplishment.

Some of us are taking a break over Easter to head home and get some rest and relaxation in. Over the next few months we will have little time to spare. Next week we will have the full squad coming together in Auckland to really begin our main preparations for London. It will be great for us to have everyone there to push each other and also so we can play competitive inter squad matches which are always a great way to practice how we want to compete in London.

The last few weeks have been pretty tough not only on the hockey side of things but also University work has kicked up a notch with papers expecting assignments and tests to be done before Easter. This aspect of life is something that can at times get forgotten about with the high training load so its been really important for me to get stuck into the books when I have some down time.

I will continue to keep you posted with how the start of our build up with the full squad goes and also with the Azlan Shah tournament in Malaysia coming up next month that’s something for us to get excited about. Not long to go till London now!!!!