February has been a good month for me. It started with a heap of snow which I thought was cool for all of five minutes until I realised I couldn’t work the horses in it! So head groom Lucy Miles, working pupil Hollie Swain and I got out the shovels and dug a two-metre wide track around our 60m x 40m arena, which meant we worked the horses in straight lines for a week. It was surprisingly very good for them and they seemed to feel much better as a result of the changed training regime, so I was stoked with that! Luckily for us we are based next to Coombelands Equestrian Center, in Pulborough, which has fantastic facilities and meant we could keep galloping when we needed too.

All this means we are right on track with our training and preparation.

We are doing lots of team training sessions and I continue to thank my lucky stars to be part of such a team. It is priceless to be surrounded by so many good riders and horses.
The competition season starts in a couple of weeks and these fellas are raring to go.

They will go out this coming week and I’ll remind them what a cross country fence is including a little dabble in the water.

Lucy and Hollie are in good form and ready to get back out there – Hollie will make her debut on the competition scene as a competitor this season which will be exciting for us all!

Our first event for the new season will be the Tweseldown Horse Trials, which will be a quiet run for all of them, just to get back into competition mode. We have been given the go ahead to take Clifton Promise to the Kentucky Rolex in April which is also great news. This will be our third trip back to the land of Bourbon and fried chicken! I’ll face a quick departure after the event though as Badminton starts just four days later. It would be good to head into that one on a high.

Luckily for us head girl Lucy is a machine and never seems to get tired, so she will be back Kentucky up by heading straight to Badminton with me for round two.
The year is racing by!