Well, while our Kiwi athletes are doing everything they can to get themselves in the best possible shape for London 2012 in 400 days’ time, having popped our second little sprogette a couple of weeks ago, I couldn’t be further from the fighting fit life of an elite athlete.
Nothing like two kids under two to rapidly remind you which side of the athletic retirement fence you’re sitting on.

I now have a whole new appreciation for women make a comeback so successfully after having babies. Not just because the sleep deprivation, running yourself ragged after the pint-sized pocket-rockets and child-birth MAY just take the athletic edge off, (nor is it the horrific thought of having to squeeze various post-sprog-popping body parts into some form of spandex), but it’s more having your mind-set completely flipped upside down and inside out.

You as a priority immediately takes a nose dive down the list of priorities (ending up somewhere behind the dog). Which as an athlete, is usually the only thing you’re thinking about! And these little appendages suddenly become the only thing that is remotely important. How athletic mums juggle that mind-set I think is incredible – when the two perspectives are so completely different.

So certainly no contemplations of a comeback from this side of the fence. I’m more than happy to instead live vicariously through our Kiwi Olympic hopefuls following their final Olympic competitions before London. Can’t wait!!