Wow who would have thought that December would come around this quick!!
It just seemed like yesterday I was celebrating the New Year in and thinking about what I wanted to experience in 2011. I look back over 2011 and certainly have a lot to give thanks for including 10 new experiences – things I have never done before!!

1. Working and taking a holiday on a Cruise ship. I christened the Pacific Pearl (bug super liner) this time last year and was invited to do my success courses on board this year.
2. Hiking the Hump Ridge Track – I have never done an over night tramp before. This tramp was amazing in the Deep South made me really appreciate New Zealand and its amazing preserved nature.
3. IOC Sport and Environment forum in Doha, I had never been to Qatar before.
4. Visited Pentecost in Vanuatu where they do the vine bungy jumping naked! I do not recommend this at home!!!
5. Coached a colleague to win a Sailing world cup event in Germany and in doing so she qualified for the London Olympics.
6. IOC session in Durban where I was elected to become an IOC member for 8 years. Never been to Durban
7. Swam with humpback whales in Vava’u in Tonga. This was a life changing experience.
8. IOC athlete’s forum in Colorado Springs. Never been here, we all got to tour around the US training centre. Wow what a facility.
9. Watch the finals of the World Cup Rugby live!!!
10. Family went skiing for the first time. Kids now old enough. What a great family sport.

Bring on 2012 – I am so looking forward to supporting our New Zealand Youth Winter Olympic Team in Innsbruck in January and then the big event LONDON 2012!!!! Roll on 2012.