I love being from a country where you have so many reasons to be proud of where you come from. Travelling internationally is when I think you get a really good perspective of how cool NZ is – not just because it’s the best place on earth to live, but by the reception Kiwis get from foreigners when they’re in other countries. I love hearing people fizz on our country, on our people, on our landscape – even those that haven’t been here before!   One of the times I was most proud to be a Kiwi was when Brendon and I travelled to a small town in France called Le Quesnoy. It’s one of Cambridge’s (my home town) sister towns and has a real connection to NZ from the First World War. NZ troops literally liberated this little, town from German occupation by scaling the wall that surrounded the town – freeing the civilians in the process.   And even today, the locals from Le Quesnoy feel so much respect and gratitude to NZers – which Brendon and I felt so clearly when we were there. Even though we obviously had no part to play in the liberation, the legacy of NZ and Kiwis is forever present to the people of Le Quesnoy. The reputation that Kiwis have there is huge – from the way they went about their battle nearly 100 years ago – and we Kiwis today share that same reputation.   In this tiny little town in Northern France, there are streets named after NZ, there’s a Boulevard de Helen Clark, Avenue des Neo Zelandais, a Waikato pub even! It’s awesome. And it is a legacy created by these Kiwi troops of what type of people we NZers are today.