When I last wrote, I was enjoying the sunny mountains of Switzerland and preparing for the final race of the season, the MTB World Champs.

I now write from my new flat in the green (and not so sunny) hills of Wellington, where I am enjoying a break from my normal training and racing schedule.

I was very happy with how the World Champs race went. I finished 7th, which is my best result in a couple of years. I felt an overwhelming combination of excitement, happiness, and relief when I crossed the finish line. After two years of battling ill health, over-training and study commitments, and struggling to perform at the level that I wanted to (and that I knew I could), it was an incredible feeling to finally be up amongst the world's best again. It has given me a much-needed boost to my confidence, which is critical leading into the Olympic year.

I'm already really excited about getting back into training and racing. Before I do, however, I'm enjoying a break from my normal training and racing regime, and am making the most of being able to explore my new home. I'm still getting out on my bike for fun MTB rides around the Wellington hills and am also enjoying the chance to do some more running and yoga. I'll have another month or so of a more relaxed training regime before knuckling down again and spending some more structured time on the Wellington roads and tracks.

It's going to be a great summer!