It's almost 100 days to go until the Olympics and I am back running after suffering a stress fracture in my fibula in early February. Luckily we were onto it quickly and I have healed pretty fast! With my first qualifying attempt for London coming up at the end of May the focus is on getting back into training as quickly as possible, but without flaring up the injury (or getting a different injury!), which is a delicate balancing act that all athletes face. It's the conundrum of training too hard and risk getting injured, or not training hard enough and being under-done. After 15 years of athletics I am still trying to figure it out!

My training stint in Dunedin is almost over, its been a fantastic place to train and a haven away from the ongoing shakes and disruptions in Christchurch. It's still hard to believe its more than a year since the big one on 22 Feb 2011.

It is NZ National Track and Field Champs in Auckland this weekend, and with the event almost over its really cool to see Christchurch based athletes taking out some national titles, many of whom will have been training on grass and driving to Timaru for competitions, not ideal prep!

So I have just over a month until I leave Dunedin for Europe, I will be sad to leave, but as the days are starting to get shorter and the southerly is getting a bit more of a winter bite to it, I am already looking forward to the European summer!