It is great to be back on the course and I am feeling a lot more comfortable on the white water here. The more you learn a course, the more confidence you have in being able execute any gate sequence and know that if you get offline you can use the features to get back on track.

The grandstands are being put up as we paddle and already the foundations are lining the outside of the course making everything seem very real. It is important to start visualising sitting on the start line on race day with the grandstands filled out with people. Having competed in Beijing at the Olympics helps this visualisation a lot as I already know the feeling and it will not be a huge surprise.

I have two more sessions on the course before heading to Cardiff for the first World Cup. It truly feels like yesterday that I was here training with 90 days to go until the games, now there are less than 60. The next three weeks of World Cups will be very busy and go very quickly I am sure.