Honor debuted for New Zealand at the Champions Trophy in Argentina in November 2004, after a strong NHL performance for the Canterbury Cats.  She retained her position to meet the USA in May 2005 and made her mark immediately by scoring two goals in the first game of the series.  Honor confirmed her goal scoring potential by finishing the Black Stick’s top goal scorer at the Indira Gandhi tournament in India in October, 2005.

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Honor's Games History

  • Commonwealth Games Melbourne 2006

    • Hockey (Hockey - Women)
      Bronze Medal Match 0-0
      Semi Final - 1st Pool WB vs 2nd Pool WA 0-1
      Preliminary Rounds - ENG vs NZL 4-0
      Preliminary Rounds - CAN vs NZL 3-0
      Preliminary Rounds - BAR vs NZL (Pitch 2) 11-0
      Preliminary Rounds - NZL vs SCO 2-1
      Placed 4