Evelyn continued to train hard, racing around the world. A short two years later, she made her way onto the international podium with a Bronze Medal at the Elite 1998 World Championships in Lausanne, Switzerland.

At age 29, Evelyn made her Olympic debut at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. It was a special event for the sport itself, as it was the first time triathlon had featured at an Olympic Games. At that stage of her career, Evelyn's world ranking was consistently in the top 10 and she had a medal in her sights in Sydney. Before Evelyn competed in Sydney, the national coach Jack Ralston said “Anything can happen on the day and Evelyn has shown that when the chips are down in big events she can pull out very good performances. She finished second in Geneva two weeks ago ... anything can happen on the day.” (15 September 2000, NZ Herald)

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Evelyn's Games History