The New Zealand Olympic Committee represents the Olympic Movement in New Zealand.

Vacancy: Executive Assistant

The New Zealand Olympic Committee hold the unique mandate to select and send teams to Olympic Games and to promote the Olympic brand and values, a role that has been held for more than 100 years.

We are also responsible for the delivery of the Commonwealth Games.

Our aim is to inspire excellence and pride in New Zealanders and enable our athletes to achieve on the world’s stage.

Games-time performance planning, operations and leadership are our primary focus. We also lead and advocate for sport and athletes and use our international connections to deliver value to New Zealand.

We are heavily reliant on partnerships for funding and are not-for-profit. We operate with integrity and are athlete-focused.  The New Zealand Olympic Committee works closely with Sport NZ and HPSNZ.

Together with our sports and athletes we inspire New Zealanders and make them proud.

New Zealand Olympic Committee – Executive Assistant

The New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC) is an independent, charitable organisation responsible for providing support and resources to enable New Zealand athletes to achieve at the highest levels of their sport and to excel at Olympic, Commonwealth and Youth Games. The NZOC is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) as the representative body in New Zealand responsible for developing, promoting and protecting the Olympic Movement in this country as well as having responsibility for the selection and organising of New Zealand teams to Olympic, Commonwealth and International Youth Games.

This is an all-encompassing Executive Assistant position reporting to the Chief Executive. The Executive Assistant also provides support to the President and undertakes the duties of Secretary to the Board and the Board Standing Committees and Working Groups.  The Executive Assistant is responsible for the administration, support and timely delivery of human resource functions for the NZOC and has responsibility for the office management of Olympic House (NZOC Offices) and for the day to day administrative requirements of the NZOC.  The Executive Assistant, additionally, works with the CFO on payroll administration, payment authorisation, asset management, corporate services and planning.

To secure this position you’ll need a CV that demonstrates you have worked in a similar styled fast paced, high productivity, senior support role in New Zealand and can make the lives of the people you support easier in a multitude of ways not least of all because you’re a great problem solver and can make great decisions every single business day.  You must have Board support experience, HR / Payroll knowledge, and excellent IT and software skills. Your Referees will attest to your exemplary communication and people skills and tell us that you’re not only smart but that you have great EQ.  Your Referees will also tell us that you’re a “must have” employee, someone who takes complete ownership for their work and can be flexible with working hours as well as be happy to step outside their position description to ensure the success of the organisation and the people they support.   Tertiary qualifications in business or HR are needed.

This is a one in a million job and it will look great on your CV.    If you have the skills, experience and attributes the NZOC is after, please contact Clare Turner immediately: email or phone 09 623 5521(DDI).

 This position is offered under the Parental Leave Act for a 12 month period ending August 2020.

Applications close on Thursday, 27th June 2019, 9.00am