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Athletes asked for a mark that would unify them, a mark that they could freely use and share. They wanted to show New Zealand and the world where they were from and where they were going and asked for a mark that would inspire them on this journey.

This is that mark.

Making us Proud 2014 - 2016

The Making Us Proud mark has been designed by prominent New Zealand artist Shane Hansen. Its unique elements reflect aspects of New Zealand culture, history and character. It is a rights-free device that could be used and shared freely by all New Zealand athletes, sports, and their supporters.

The mark will appear on elements of the Glasgow 2014 team uniform, within the village design and has been used by athletes and sports in the build-up to Glasgow. On the medal ceremony jacket, the tui is represented, symbolising our proud nation, strength of character and fighting spirit. A stylised representation of the Southern Cross can be seen on a number of uniform items, as can the letters NZ.