The idea of creating a Museum and an Olympic Studies Centre can be traced back to Baron Pierre de Coubertin, who revived the ancient Olympic Games into what has now become the World’s biggest sporting Event. An educator first and foremost, De Coubertin was of the opinion that the Olympic Movement must pursue the educational objectives on which the institution was based. 

The primary role of the New Zealand Olympic Studies Centres is to serve the New Zealand Olympic Committee, Olympians, writers, independent researchers and academics, as well as members of the public.

The Olympic Studies Centre’s main objectives are: 

To ensure on-going acquisition, preservation, description and diffusion of Olympic information 

To promote and facilitate access to Olympic related written and audio-visual material 

To provide services of research, analysis and creation of content 

To promote academic activities related to Olympism and encourage collaboration between Olympic Studies Centres worldwide

To support the Olympic Movement.

The New Zealand Olympic Studies Centre maintains and offers the following resources:

• Historical New Zealand Olympic Committee Archives

• New Zealand Olympic and Commonwealth Games Image Archives

• Olympic and Commonwealth Games Library

• New Zealand Olympic and Commonwealth Games Audio-visual Archives

The Olympic Studies Centre is integrated with the New Zealand Olympic Museum and access is available by arrangement for research. Please contact the Olympic Studies Centre for further information. 

Phone: +64 4 385 0070 or email: 

New Zealand Centre for Olympic Studies