2014 is going to be an exciting year, with three Games to look forward to:

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games:

23 July–3 August, 2014

 In 2014, the XX Commonwealth Games will be held in Glasgow, Scotland. The shared experience of the Commonwealth Games strengthens relationships within a team, between athletes from different cultures and between local and global communities.

By investigating and connecting to New Zealand’s Scottish history and connections, students will learn and experience how the Commonwealth Games is a shared experience between the "whānau of athletes" in the Commonwealth of Nations. 

The 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games Activities for curriculum levels 2-4 will encourage your students to explore the New Zealand Curriculum values and engage in the Key Competencies participating and contributing and relating to others.  Your students will also explore the key understandings:

  • - The Commonwealth Games brings diverse people and cultures together
  • - The shared experience can lead to friendship and understanding
  • - Through sport, we can develop tolerance and respect for others
  • - By looking at other people's extraordinary achievements and values, we can reflect on our own, developing our motivation, discipline and aspirations

The Game On Scotland website includes a range of resources that align with the Olympic Values and the curriculum areas of the Education Scotland Curriculum for Excellence (CfE). These ‘Learning Journey’ resources support you and your students to explore the English, Health and Physical Education, Social Sciences and the Arts learning areas.

The Game On Scotland alignment resource suggests learning journeys to explore, possible alignment to The New Zealand Curriculum and suggestions for extension learning activities and links to help you bring these journeys into a New Zealand context. You are encouraged to adapt the activities in these resources to suit the learning needs of your students.


Nanjing 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games: 16–28 August, 2014

New Zealand will be represented at the second Youth Olympic Summer Games with a strong team of athletes aged between 14 and 18 from a range of secondary schools throughout the country.  The Youth Olympic Games (YOG) are a unique event as it is as much about culture and education as it is about sports.  YOG provides an excellent context for learning across a range of learning areas using our youth athletes as peer role-models as they experience the Olympic Values through their participation at this unique event. 

We have designed a range of activities to help teachers and their students to support the athletes and learn more about the Games. Download this free Nanjing 2014 resource here.


 Past Games Teaching Resources:

Sochi Olympic Winter Games: 7-23 February, 2014

Your students will be able to see the Olympic Values celebrated and role-modelled through the inspiring action of our New Zealand athletes, as they make us proud.  This is a tangible and engaging way to get your students discussing the school values and establish your class values for the year ahead. 

To assist with this, attached are some suggested classroom activities that are curriculum aligned and some factsheets to help inform the learning and activities.


London Olympic Summer Games, 2012

In 2012, the focus of the world was on London for the very exciting Olympic Games.

New Zealand sent a team of around 200 athletes, to compete in 17 of the 26 sports. We won our 100th Olympic Medal at this Olympic Games and were proud of New Zealands' strong support of our team as they made us proud in their pursuit of excellence.

The ebooks London 2012 – Primary and London 2012 - Secondary can be used to explore and engage with the London 2012 Olympic Games. These cross curricula resources describe the history of the Olympic Games, how London is preparing to host the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, and the success of New Zealand athletes at previous Olympic Games. 

London 2012 Education Resources

London 2012 - Primary School ebook

London 2012 - Secondary School ebook

Here are some comprehensive teaching notes to support you to use the ebooks to explore the New Zealand Curriuclum level 3-4 achievement objectives in English, Health and Physical Education and Social Sciences. The ebooks can be used with levels other than 3-4. You are encouraged to adapt the learning experiences to suit the specific needs of your students.

Teachers Notes - London 2012 Resources

London 2012 – Primary Teacher Notes

London 2012 – Secondary Teacher Notes

 London 2012 Activity Sheets and Athlete profiles

These activity sheets are a fun and engaging way to learn about the London 2012 Olympic Games.  

Find out where Mahe Drysdale got his first name from. What does Sarah Walker put on her toast? What is Ali Shanks' training regime? Your students can learn lots of interesting facts about some of our Olympic Athletes through their profiles.   

 Banner Artwork Competition

Congratulations to Room 10, Firth Primary School, the winners of the London 2012 Banner Artwork competition. Their banner was displayed in the NZ Olympic Team quarters in the Olympic village, throughout the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Thanks to everyone who sent in entries for the competition. There were plenty of great designs supporting our team.