Stacey Carr debuted for New Zealand at the 2003 three Nations Tournament in Japan. She has since developed into a solid and promising midfielder for the Black Sticks, who demonstrates tenacity and strength on the ball. She is currently being developed in the left half position. Stacey has played over 80 test matches for New Zealand and the Beijing Olympics will be her second Olympic Games. Stacey lives in Christchurch and plays for the Canterbury Cats in the New Zealand Hockey League.


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Stacey's Games History

  • Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010

    • Hockey (Hockey - Women)
      Final 2-2 (PS2-4)
      3rd and 4th
      4th Pool WA vs 4th Pool WB (7th & 8th)
      1st Pool WB vs 2nd Pool WA 1-0
      3rd Pool WA vs 3rd Pool WB (5th & 6th)
      1st Pool WA vs 2nd Pool WB
      5th Pool WA vs 5th Pool WB (9th & 10th)
      South Africa v India
      New Zealand v Canada 3-1
      Australia v Scotland
      England v Malaysia
      Malaysia v Scotland
      Wales v Canada
      Trinidad & Tobago v India
      New Zealand v England 4-1
      South Africa v Australia
      Malaysia v Wales
      Scotland v Trinidad & Tobago
      India v Australia
      Canada v England
      South Africa v Scotland
      New Zealand v Malaysia 5-0
      Australia v Trinidad & Tobago
      England v Wales
      India v Scotland
      Canada v Malaysia
      South Africa v Trinidad & Tobago
      New Zealand v Wales 5-1
  • Olympic Summer Games Beijing 2008

    • Hockey (Hockey - Women)
      Classification 11th-12th 1-4
      Preliminaries - Pool B - ARG v NZL 3-2
      Preliminaries - Pool B - NZL v USA 1-4
      Preliminaries - Pool B - NZL v GBR 1-2
      Preliminaries - Pool B - GER v NZL 2-1
      Preliminaries - Pool B - JPN v NZL 2-1
      Placed 12 of 12
  • Commonwealth Games Melbourne 2006

    • Hockey (Hockey - Women)
      Bronze Medal Match 0-0
      Semi Final - 1st Pool WB vs 2nd Pool WA 0-1
      Preliminary Rounds - ENG vs NZL 4-0
      Preliminary Rounds - CAN vs NZL 3-0
      Preliminary Rounds - BAR vs NZL (Pitch 2) 11-0
      Preliminary Rounds - NZL vs SCO 2-1
      Placed 4
  • Olympic Summer Games Athens 2004

    • Hockey (Hockey - Women)
      Classification 5-6 3-0
      Classification 5-8 3-2
      Preliminaries - Pool A 3-2
      Preliminaries - Pool A 0-3
      Preliminaries - Pool A 0-2
      Preliminaries - Pool A 0-2
      Placed 6 of 10